About the Company

LLC "Simatek Energo" has the status of an official engineering partner of the Siemens company of the departments of Energetics, Industrial Automation and Drive Technology.

Simatek carries out complex projects on automation of complex technological processes in the areas of Energy, industrial automation and Drive Technology.

10+Years on the Belarusian market
120Completed projects

Today LLC "Simatek Energo" is one of the leaders in the field of industrial automation in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Advantages of

Today LLC "Simatek Energo" is one of the leaders in the field of industrial automation in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Over the past 5 years, more than a hundred projects have been implemented:

  • Examination and study of the specifics of the task
  • Professional design
  • Supply of equipment
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Service guaranteed maintenance of the supplied equipment
  • Training of the Customer's specialists
  • Consulting and technical support
  • Partnership with Siemens
  • Integrated approach in project management
  • Highly qualified employees
  • Extensive experience in performing complex projects
  • Formed material and technical base
  • Flexibility in relation to market needs
  • All necessary licenses and certificates

Mission and principles

By helping each other, we create progressive technical solutions and open up new opportunities for the benefit of people.

In relation
to Customers (Partners):
  • Be a leader in the creation and implementation of technical solutions and automation systems for selected processes.
  • Using the world experience to offer the most effective options for the tasks.
  • To offer and implement products and services of the highest quality.
  • To build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with the Customer on the basis of business partnership and human relations.
In relation
to employees:
  • To ensure the level of income necessary for the effective and harmonious development of employees and the company.
  • To provide an opportunity and maintain the desire for self-realization, professional development.
  • To preserve and harmoniously develop a friendly and healthy team of the company that is able to fulfill its goals and get joy from work.
  • To support the patriotism of employees towards the company and long-term business relationships.

and certificates

SIMATEK has all the necessary licenses and certificates required for the production of automated control systems.

Certificate of technical competence
Certificate of conformity of category II for general contracting (grades 1-4 of complexity)
Certificate of conformity of the II category for construction (grades 1-4 of complexity)
Certificate of conformity of the I category for the performance of the general designer
License for activities in the field of industrial safety
Certificate of conformity of category I for the development of project documentation
Extract SRO (design)
Extract SRO (construction)

Production base

SIMATEK has a complete list of material and technical resources for the implementation of the hardware of automation projects.

The SIMATEK production
site produces:
  • electrical automation cabinets for controlling the operation of various systems (automated control systems in all areas of production, as well as ventilation, heating, lighting, air conditioning);
  • Power distribution devices
  • Electric shields

The assembly of electrical
cabinets is carried out:
  • According to the working documentation developed by our company's specialists on the basis of the terms of reference and in accordance with the requirements for the power supply system of the facility;
  • in accordance with the developed technical and project documentation provided by the Customer;
  • at the request of the customer, we will perform the assembly according to individual schemes and on the equipment of the specified manufacturer;
  • For the production of electrical panels, we use automation from SIEMENS, one of the world's leading manufacturers.