ACS in the Energetics

We provide programmable logic controllers SIMATIC S7-400H (SIEMENS) and ET200M (SIEMENS) stations that implement the following functions of input of analog signals from any types of sensors with output normalized current signals obtained by conversion in additional normalizing converters, etc.


"Simatek Energo" carries out complex projects in the energy sector and industry on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad. Our company is also engaged in the design of power grid facilities, including: electrical substations with a voltage of 10(6) kV, 35-330 kV, generating plants based on alternative energy sources, power transmission lines with a voltage of 35-110 kV, power grids of 10 and 0.4 kV, automated control systems of power plants and boiler houses.

Emission monitoring and Gas Analysis

Over the past 14 years, we have implemented more than 60 projects to equip emission sources with environmental monitoring systems in the Energy, Petrochemicals, Food and Mining industries. To carry out the verification of measuring instruments, our organization is equipped with its own accredited verification laboratory.

Energy Generation

The professional potential of specialists in the Generation direction allows us to develop and offer comprehensive solutions for the supply of complete transformer substations (CTP) of medium voltage, closed switchgear, medium and high voltage distribution substations (RP) of full factory readiness of any climatic design in various buildings.

Food Industry

Simatek offers a comprehensive approach to solving automation tasks, ensuring the full cycle of work during the implementation of projects - from inspection to warranty service.

Metallurgical industry

Simatek implements complex engineering projects of metallurgical production according to the principle: Technology + Digitalization "turnkey".

Mining industry

Implementation of complex engineering projects of the mining and mining industry on the principle: Technology + Digitalization "turnkey". Automatic control systems for technological equipment.

Technological industry solutions

Automated control systems for chemical and petrochemical enterprises. Our solutions are a synthesis of modern technologies and reliable Siemens equipment. We have examples of implemented projects from automation of the filling station to automation of the whole enterprise.