Modernization of arc steelmaking furnaces DSP-6N2 Customer: JSC “BELAZ” – the management company of the holding “BELAZ-HOLDING”, Zhodino, Belarus.

As part of the modernization project, the development, manufacture, supply and commissioning of chipboard control systems was carried out, which includes the following main elements:

  • Automated furnace control system based on Simatic S7-300 PLC (Siemens).
  • Power control system for arc steelmaking furnaces Men Expert (Pure metals Technologies Austria GmbH).
  • Hydraulic control system for the movement of electrodes, furnace mechanisms.
  • Auxiliary equipment management subsystem.
  • A system for collecting and recording data on the operation of furnaces of the steel shop (upper-level system).

Automated control system of the line of thermal tempering and transportation of forgings OJSC “Minsk Bearing Plant”

The automated control system of the line of thermal tempering and transportation of forgings implements the following main functions:

  • Transportation of workpieces at a given speed through the temperature zones of the cooling line.
  • Maintaining the set temperature and the time spent by the workpiece in each temperature zone (thermal tempering) in accordance with the process flow chart.
  • Diagnostics and control of automated control system operation parameters from local control panels and operator panel.
  • Frequency control of all automated control system drive points (roller shutters, turntables, blowers).
  • Operating modes (automatic, local, remote) according to recipes (technological maps).
  • Data exchange with the top-level system.

Reconstruction of the control and control system of the RH vacuum cleaner OJSC “Belarusian Metallurgical Plant”

Within the framework of the reconstruction project, the obsolete automation and visualization system of the steel vacuuming process was replaced. The development, manufacture, delivery and commissioning of automated control systems and visualization of the process and diagnostics, including:
  • Lower level: shut-off and control equipment, instrumentation, process sensors).
  • Medium level: Simatic S7-300 PLC with ET200 distributed peripheral system, frequency converters of executive Sinamics elements of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Upper level: Software and hardware based on Simatic PC with a system for visualization, diagnostics, archiving and control of the WinCC process.