Modernization of the cage shaft lifting machine 2 BM-2500/1230-4A Customer: PJSC “Mikhailovsky GOK”, Zheleznogorsk, Russia

Within the framework of the modernization project, the calculation, development, manufacture, supply and commissioning of an automatic control system, a complete electric drive, brake control, and a stem alarm of a cellular SHPM were carried out.

During the implementation of the modernization project, the SHMP was equipped with a control system based on Siemens industrial equipment:

  • Automated monitoring and control system based on a redundant Simatic S7-400 PLC;
  • Redundant two-channel distributed signal acquisition and control peripherals Simatic ET200M
  • Complete electric drive with asynchronous short-circuited motor Simotics FD and frequency converter with active recovery module of the Sinamics S120 series;
  • Driver’s control panel with process visualization and display stations (ARM based on SCADA WinCC);
  • Stem alarm system (main and backup) based on Simatic ET200S CPU PLC with driver, handle and stem panels;
  • A system of protections, locks and sensors of drums, brakes, position and synchronization of the crate in the trunk, locking and protective switches;
  • Low-voltage switchgear.

Complete electric drive of the speed control system of the mine belt conveyor. Customer: Belaruskali OJSC, Soligorsk, Belarus.

Within the framework of the project, the development, manufacture and supply of equipment and commissioning of a complete electric drive of a speed control system of a mine belt conveyor based on a frequency-controlled AC drive, a mine normal version (PH2) consisting of:

  • Frequency converter station with power up to 315kW, 660V, liquid-cooled based on automation components and converter technology (Siemens). (Siemens).
  • Asynchronous conveyor motors with a short-circuited rotor, forced cooling, speed and temperature control (Siemens).
  • Liquid cooling installations of the frequency converter station.

The supplied equipment provides speed control of the conveyor belt depending on the ore load by a signal from the control system of the upper level of the underground conveyor complex.

MZSH-6.5/45 Walking Excavator Control System Customer: CJSC “SIPR with OP”, Soligorsk, Belarus

  Within the framework of the project, the calculation, development, manufacture, supply and commissioning of a walking excavator control system with a volume of the main bucket of 6.5 m3, including a complete AC electric drive (IF-AD), a low-voltage complete device, were carried out.

The control system includes:

  • Automated control system based on Simatic S7-300 programmable logic controller with advanced diagnostics on visualization panels (Siemens).
  • Automated AC drive system based on Sinamics S120 frequency converters with active rectifier and recuperation function and asynchronous short-circuited motors (Siemens).
  • Implementation of the required functions of the excavator (acceleration, braking, retention, excavator characteristics, backlash sampling, etc.).
  • Location of the complete electric drive