Industry 4.0

We position ourselves as an innovative engineering company, which requires us to follow the trends in the development of science and technology and meet the current level of development.

The fourth Industrial Revolution is an inevitable reality of the modern world. Digital technologies inevitably transform processes in all spheres of life and production. Our company is ready to implement the concept of “smart production” in its business processes and technological processes of Customers. The implementation of these technologies requires high-tech equipment and highly qualified personnel. Cooperation with the global manufacturer of high-tech equipment and software Siemens AG allows us to master advanced technologies in step with the times. Scrupulous selection of the best specialists allowed us to create a real professional team of engineers who quickly adapt to the appearance of new products and technological changes in global development trends.

The introduction of the concept of “smart production” at the enterprise is a complex, long, but necessary process that should become part of the development strategy of any promising enterprise. We are ready to offer consulting technical support, conduct training, exchange experience in order to develop modern technologies, both in our country and abroad.

Our steps in achieving “Industry 4.0”:

– application of computer-aided design systems in the development of design and project documentation, including 3D modeling; – implementation and improvement of PLM, ERP and MES systems in the management of the company. The obvious economic effect of the introduction of a digital production management system should be received by the most courageous owners of enterprises today. And we are ready to implement the most daring projects!