“Simatek” carries out complex projects in the energy sector and industry on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

Our company is also engaged in the design of power grid facilities, including: electrical substations with a voltage of 10(6) kV, 35-330 kV, generating plants based on alternative energy sources, power transmission lines with a voltage of 35-110 kV, power grids of 10 and 0.4 kV, automated control systems of power plants and boiler houses. To carry out its production activities, “Simatek” has all the necessary certificates for performing the functions of a general designer, for the development of sections of project documentation for construction projects of 1-4 complexity categories.

“Simatek” has acknowledgements and letters of recommendation from such organizations as: JSC “BMZ-the management company of the holding “BMK”, the Fund “Directorate of the European Games 2019”, “Solar Stream” LLC and many others. We also have positive feedback about our work from organizations that are part of the GPO “Belenergo”, including: the Minsk Cable Networks Branch of RUE “Minskenergo”, the Minsk Electric Networks Branch of RUE “Minskenergo”, the Brest Thermal Networks Branch of RUE “Brestenergo”, the Pinsk Thermal Networks Branch of RUE “Brestenergo”, the Bobruisk Thermal Networks Branch of RUE “Mogilevenergo”, the Vitebsk Electric Networks Branch of RUE “Vitebsk Power” and others.

“Simatek” is ready to carry out design and pre-design work on the design of power grid facilities of any complexity in full and in the shortest possible time.

Design of automated control system of
technological process includes the following stages:

  • the design of control systems at the level of instrumentation and field equipment (development of functional automation schemes, determination of the locations of the sensors and their types, as well as enforcement mechanisms, the development of the structural schemes of automation systems, concepts of control cabinets, development of schemes of external wiring with the image of plans traces);
  • design of the automated control system at the level of primary information processing, issuing control signals to actuators (selection of controller types, as well as their configurations, development of algorithms for the operation of automated control systems, programming of controllers);
  • design of automated control systems at the level of operator stations and industrial data exchange networks (creation of automated workstations for operators, design of local area networks (LAN), development of application software for operator stations, selection of equipment for industrial servers and networks).

Technology learning

The study of the technology and the automation object is always the first and integral stage of the implementation of any project. The technology determines the goals facing the developers of the automated control system, the choice of equipment, the specifics of the software. In addition, production automation in many cases is designed and implemented simultaneously with the comprehensive improvement of the technological process, when new processing methods are introduced, new materials are used. The combination of modern production technology with advanced automation solutions allows you to create the most efficient production.


Stages of technology study:

  • Study of the technical specification of the Customer and (or) audit of the existing technological process
  • Development and coordination of solutions with the Customer and the design institute
  • Development of design and project documentation, application software for the technological process
  • Production of the control system
  • NDP and commissioning
  • Training, technical support, post-warranty service

Automated control system of
technological process "turnkey"

We are ready to offer the design of the automated control system as an independent service, and as part of the implementation of the automated control system “turnkey”.

In any case, the implementation of this stage is carried out on the basis of the technical specification for the design of the automated process control system, previously agreed with the Customer, which is prepared during the inspection of the automation facility, as well as the development of technical and commercial proposals for the implementation of the automated process control system. The future control system, its type (multilevel distributed or local), depends on the complexity of the automation object. It is determined by the necessary level of control, management, regulation, and the nomenclature of technological equipment.

The finished product of the automated control system of technological process includes the following sections:

  • System-wide documentation
  • Technical support
  • Software and information support
  • Operational documentation

Supply and installation of equipment

SIMATEK is the official supplier of Siemens AG equipment on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and delivers in the shortest possible time and at the best prices.


SIMATEK supplies equipment for the following products or products of the Siemens AG concern:

  • Controllers: Logo!, Simatic: S7-200, S7-300, S7-400
  • Electric motors
  • Frequency converters (Micromaster, Sinamics, etc.)
  • Soft starters
  • Low-voltage switching equipment (circuit breakers, contactors, monitoring and control relays, etc.)
  • Electrical installation equipment (modular circuit breakers, contactors, flashers, fuses, etc.)
  • Distribution cabinets 0.4 kV up to 6300 A (modular design and use of the most advanced starting and protective devices displays a constructive cabinets inaccessible position for competition)
  • Bus system for currents up to 6300 A (from the energy distribution of lighting systems and power supply of office buildings to the wiring in the shops and manufacturing facilities, including outdoor use).
  • Control and measuring devices (flow meters, level meters, pressure sensors, conductivity sensors, PH meters).

Commissioning works

Commissioning is the most difficult and responsible stage in the implementation of automated process control systems. At this stage, all levels of automation from the executive equipment to the software level are configured by our engineers into a single system.


In accordance with the automated process control system project, we carry out commissioning work in the following areas:

  • Commissioning of automated control systems;
  • Commissioning of electrical equipment and electric drives;
  • Commissioning of electric drive control panels;
  • Commissioning of frequency-controlled drives;
  • Commissioning of control and measuring devices and sensors.

Training and service

As part of the provision of full-cycle engineering, we offer a customer-oriented service, including warranty and post-warranty maintenance, diagnostics, participation in repairs and modernization, supply of spare parts, personnel training.


Staff training

  • Personnel training is an integral stage in the implementation of automated control systems. Our automation engineers conduct training and instruction of the company’s employees for several hours or days, depending on the complexity of the automated process control system.
  • For each system, an automated process control system user manual is compiled, which is transmitted to the enterprise in printed and/or electronic form. If necessary, it is possible to implement remote access to support the automated process control system.

Service maintenance

  • We guarantee the serviceability and quality of the automated control systems supplied by us, therefore, when implementing a turnkey automated control system, we provide free service for all elements of the automated control system.