Industrial base

Having our own production and warehouse allows us to act as a manufacturer of control systems.
The advantages of our production:

  • highly qualified employees;
  • a high-tech tool for the production and quality control of products;
  • flexibility and adaptability in the manufacture of complex and unique equipment;
  • Technological control at all stages of production:
    • incoming inspection of components;
    • control of design documentation;
    • intermediate control of the production process;
    • output quality control of products.
  • registration of accompanying and executive control documentation at the stages of production;
  • maintaining an archive for each order;
  • preliminary configuration of control systems at the exit from production to reduce the time for commissioning and commissioning at the facility;
  • the possibility of the presence of the Customer’s representatives for the acceptance of the equipment.

All products are designed and manufactured in such a way as to minimize commissioning costs and eliminate installation errors. All types of products are manufactured according to technical specifications. All types of equipment produced have the required certificates.
The operating systems of quality management and production control comply with international and republican requirements, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates and permits.


The accumulated experience and well-established mechanism of the production process allows us to produce from control panels and cabinets, protections and automation to complex control systems, technological complexes and stations, block-modular buildings.

Own warehouse

Having your own warehouse allows you to:

  • supply a wide range of SIEMENS products;
  • to ensure an uninterrupted production process for the manufacture of electrical products;
  • organize the input control of components;
  • store spare parts as part of warranty and service;

Heated storage rooms meet the requirements for temperature and humidity when storing electronic components.