• IOOO “Kronospan OSB”

IOOO “Kronospan OSB”


Purpose of the system:

The automated control system (ACS) ensures the receipt of actual data in a continuous mode throughout the entire life of the concentrations and volumes of emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases, processing and registration of the information received.

Description of the system:

The ASK consists of::

  • Subsystems of flue gas sampling and transportation;
  • Subsystems for measuring the volume flow of flue gases;
  • Subsystems for measuring the dust content of flue gases;
  • Flue gas analysis cabinet;
  • Server cabinet;
  • ARM of an environmental engineer.


  • Analysis of the composition and quantity of exhaust gases and dust from the power plant;
  • Collection and transmission of emission data;
  • Formation of environmental reporting with increasing accumulation of data archive for calculating the payment of environmental tax on actual emission indicators;
  • Data exchange with the enterprise management system.
Subsystem of flue gas sampling and transportation

The gas sample is taken by a sampling device. The sampling device is equipped with a filter and a heating system with an independent temperature controller and a reverse purge system. The sample is transported via a heated line. Reliable sample preparation ensures the operability and long-term operation of the system as a whole.

Subsystem for measuring the volume flow of flue gases

The ultrasonic flow measurement system is based on the principle of phase difference of sound signals and constantly monitors the speed and flow of gaseous waste. The measuring heads of the flow meter are built into the chimney in such a way that the vector component of the gas flow coincides with the direction of sound propagation. Ultrasonic transducers continuously emit and receive short pulses. Temperature and pressure sensors allow you to take into account the influence of external factors on the flow measurement and allow you to measure the standard volumetric flow.

Subsystem for measuring the dust content of flue gases

Dust measurement is based on the principle of measuring the scattering coefficient. The laser diode illuminates dust particles in the gas stream with modulated light in the visible range. The light scattered by the particles is perceived by a highly sensitive measuring receiver, amplified and transmitted to the measuring channel of the microprocessor, which is the central element of the electronic unit for measuring, controlling and processing results.

Flue Gas Analysis Cabinet

The gas analysis cabinet is a housing with a viewing door. Inside the case, analytical equipment and devices for protecting and controlling the ASC of the chimney are located. The gas-analytical system allows real-time monitoring of the main components of gorenje gases (CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, O2).

The calculation of the emissions tax is carried out on the basis of monthly reporting data based on the results of measurements of the amount of emissions using the ASC.