The control system of technological and production processes for the bases of filling oil products by Belorusneft

SIMATEK offers a comprehensive, flexible and scalable control system for technological and production processes for oil filling bases. Depending on the control object and the Customer’s wishes, the architecture of the hardware and software complex can be implemented in various ways. “The automated control system of technological and production processes for oil product filling bases” is designed according to the modular principle.

Thus, for example, it is possible to install only the control module of the station of auto-filling of petroleum products in tankers. At the same time, the system has all the functionality and interfaces as if it were installed entirely. Scalability and flexibility of software solutions allows you to change the hardware part of the system with minimal costs not only at the design stage, but also at the installation and maintenance stage of the system.

To implement the automated control system, the following architecture options can be used:
  • single-user system;
  • client-server system;
  • redundant servers. Maximum reliability and fault tolerance.


SIMATEK has implemented the following oil depots within the framework of this concept:
  • Khoiniki, Zhlobin, Volkovysk, Krulevshchina, Baranovichi (single-user system);
  • Gomel (client-server system);
  • Grodno, Novopolotsk, Mozyr (reserved servers).

Group of companies “Sodruzhestvo”

 The production and logistics complex in the city of Smorgon includes a terminal for transshipment and storage of soybeans and rapeseed and the largest oil processing plant in the Republic of Belarus with a processing capacity of 2000 tons per day of oilseeds.

The following facilities have been implemented by Simatek:

  • Hexane warehouse dispatching and management system;
  • Dispatching and management system of the main oil warehouse;
  • Oil buffer storage dispatching and management system;
  • The system of dispatching and management of the oil tank farm with railway and automobile filling stations.

Dispatching and control systems show the condition of the object at several operator stations, allow remote control of pumps and shut-off valves, implement safety locks. In automatic mode, it is possible to start/stop pre-configured routes for pumping semi-finished products and finished product.

  The systems allow you to upload stored sensor readings and event messages to a central archive server.

The park of liquefied hydrocarbons of JSC “Naftan”

The Liquefied Hydrocarbons Storage Park of ОJSC “Naftan” is designed for the reception, storage and release of liquid propane and butane fractions. The park consists of 20 storage tanks, an emergency drain tank, a pumping station, and a railway loading ramp.

  The park is being commissioned as part of the comprehensive reconstruction of Naftan OJSC together with the commissioning of the AT-8 installation.


The design capacity of the park is 2000 m3. Liquefied hydrocarbons are stored in the park under high pressure, which makes it an extremely explosive object and requires special care in the design and development of software.


  • supply of automated control system equipment;
  • development of design documentation of the automated control system;
  • the PAZ and DCS control systems are based on hardware and software complexes consisting of SIMATIC S7-400H controllers, a distributed data acquisition and control system SIMATIC ET200M (PROFIBUS DP interface) and DELL operator stations.
  • application software development;
  • supervision of installation and commissioning of the supplied equipment, development of operational documentation, personnel training