• Automated control system of Cheese production

Automated control system of Cheese production


A feature of this project is the implementation of the following technologies:

  • Mutually redundant washing circuits.
  • Use of buffer tanks for solution circulation and disinfection on the washing circuits.
  • Application of a system for using secondary heat of whey to reuse it on a milk pasteurizer.
  • Using the piging system to transport cream to the whole milk shop.
  • Fully automated fermentation department.
  • Ejection of all products (thermized milk, normalized mixtures, cream, whey, invert) by conductivity sensors.

The system includes management of the following equipment:

  • reception department (3 posts);
  • milk thermizer 25 t/h;
  • milk pasteurizer 30 t/h;
  • 4 cheese makers of 17 tons each;
  • 3 three-circuit CIP stations;
  • water-brine system;
  • salt pool;
  • loading and unloading system of the salt pool;
  • conveyor-marking system with cutting option;
  • vibration cleaning and cooling of serum;
  • serum pasteurizer 25 t/h;
  • serum pasteurizer 15 t/h,
  • starter compartment.