• Automated process control system of the Mozyr underground gas storage (APCS MPCG) for JSC “Beltransgaz”

Automated process control system of the Mozyr underground gas storage (APCS MPCG) for JSC “Beltransgaz”


Purpose of the system:

The MPCG automated control system is designed to monitor and control the technological processes of gas injection, storage and extraction from underground reservoirs in the salt deposits of the Mozyr salt dome structure located 5 km south of the city of Mozyr. Automated process control system MPCG provides long-term, efficient and trouble-free operation of production equipment at minimal operating costs.
The automated control system of the MPCG provides for centralized management and control over the main and auxiliary technological equipment from the level of the MPCG dispatcher.
The control room is located on the territory of the MPCG. Local control systems and ACS are installed in block boxes at the technological sites of the corresponding technological installations or in specially provided panel (hardware) rooms of buildings.

  Production facilities in accordance with the classification of production for explosive, explosion and fire hazards have category A. To comply with safety standards, the applied measuring and control equipment provides the type of explosion protection “intrinsically safe electrical circuit” in the necessary areas.

The system provides reliable control of the operation of the facility in all modes – pre-start, start-up, normal technological mode, stop mode (planned and emergency). The control system provides rational and optimal control of technological processes and is performed on a microprocessor-based software and hardware distributed control complex with a network structure based on SIMATIC S7-300 (SIEMENS) programmable logic controllers and ET200M (SIEMENS) distributed I/O stations.

The basis for the stability of the MPCG automated control system is the construction of a system based on local programmable logic controllers with an input-output subsystem, which allows the programmable controller to autonomously perform the tasks of safely conducting the technological process, as well as backup of top-level database servers and operational control systems.

System structure:

The structure of the automated process control system MPCG is a multifunctional distributed control system and contains three levels:


The lower level

(“field” instrumentation and control equipment) consists of executive equipment, technological equipment and an information and measuring complex of sensors; 


The middle level

is a distributed data acquisition and control system based on SIMATIC S7-300 (SIEMENS) programmable logic controllers and ET200M (SIEMENS) distributed I/O stations that collect and process information for the system database and implement all the technological functions of the control system. Also, the mid-level PTK includes distributed hardware of the BEAO system (Emergency Shutdown Unit) located in the cabinets of local controllers; 


The upper level

The upper level is the level of central operational control with the implementation of remote control of actuators, changing the operation modes of control subsystems, presenting information on monitors, audio and visual technological signaling, means of maintaining long-term and short-term data archives based on SIEMENS industrial stations and the WinCC (SIEMENS) SCADA system, as well as the central part of the BEAO system consisting of the SIMATIC S7-300 (SIEMENS) BEAO controller and the BEAO remote control. 

The system has full redundancy at the levels:

  • database servers;
  • power supply systems, through the use of the main (IPB) and backup power supply;
  • special software.

Information exchange between distributed I/O stations and control controllers is implemented over the PROFIBUS DP network. The distributed system allows not only to significantly reduce the number of cable lines, but also to remove individual technological installations and nodes from the process without stopping the main technological process.
Using standard industrial network solutions, the MPCG automated process control system can be connected to the level of the Central Data Center of JSC Beltransgaz. According to the applied method of implementation, the automated control system of the MPCG has no restrictions on the development of the structure and composition of the system at all levels.

The exchange of information between servers, operational management workstations, specialist workstations and controllers is implemented over the Industrial Ethernet network.